>> There is a thing inherent and natural,
Which existed before heaven and earth.
Motionless and fathomless,
It stands alone and never changes;
It pervades everywhere and never becomes exhausted.
It may be regarded as the Mother of the Universe.
I do not know its name. If I am forced to give it a name,
I call it Tao, and I name it as supreme.<<


are two sides of a coin. Everything that consists of a front automatically has a backside. Everything that exists, holds a counterpiece. Without - it could not exist. But together they form an entity. The ancient chinese were very careful observers. Yin describes the sunny side of a hill. Yang on the other hand means the shady side of that same hill. And together they represent two different qualities of the same hill.


female principle


male principle
movement, activity

The change from Yin to Yang and from Yang to Yin is the result of an internal dynamic. Yin and Yang are a construct which is relative. On its own a thing is neiter Yin nor Yang. Something is dark because lightness exists. Because of the night, the daylight is possible. In reference to the human body, the inside of arms and legs as well as the front of the torso belong to Yin. The outside and the backside of arms, legs and torso are Yang.

As long as there is a healthy balance between Yin and Yang the human body can heal itself and stays strong and healthy. When the body gets out of balance - when the pendulum swings into one or the other direction, the body gets vulnerable. If you do not get enough sleep - you get tired. If you are cold, you have to get warm again. Yin and Yang is a simple principle, which you can apply to almost everything in life.


If Yin and Yang would be a black-and-white drawing, the 5 elements would represent the colours in a drawing. The elements are a subtle underpart of the principle of Yin & Yang. Small and great Yang as well as small and great Yin are simply different terms for wood, fire, metal and water. The element earth is the silent center. The other 4 seasons are moving around this center, like the spokes of a wheel, which are circling around the hub.

The element wood corresponds to the energy of the spring. It is a symbol for the young or small Yang, the ascending energy, the restart and the growth. The element fire is represented by the summer, the mature and old Yang. It stands for joy and richness. The element earth corresponds to the harmony and balance of Yin and Yang, to the resting in your own center and to the care-giving. The element metal is reflected in the young Yin, the fall. It stands for the breathing, the absorbtion and the release and the focus on the essential. The element water corresponds to the winter, the mature and old Yin. It is the basis of every life. And every new life arises out of it.

The 5 elements create each other and at the same time they are equally existing. We are healthy when the elements are in balance and harmony - when they can transform into one another without obstruction. On the other hand, obstruction during the transformation process can produce stagnation of the energy flow. It can go as far as possible diseases of single organs.


Meridians are channels which contain our life-energy. There are 12 Main or Principle Meridians, 8 extraordinary and a few secondary ones. A Meridian connects the skin, muscles and organs. A simple touch on the surface of the body can release congestion underneath and also has significant effects on the energy flow in the depth of our body.

The 12 Main Meridians are:




Small Intestine





Gall Bladder


Tripple Warmer


Large Intestine


Meridians are not only divided into Yin and Yang groups but also into the 5 elements. Liver and Gall Bladder belong to the wood element. Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine and Tripple Warmer relate to the fire element. Spleen and Stomach belong to the element earth, whereas metal relate to Lung and Large Intestine. Kidney and Bladder correspond to the water element.

A Meridian not only represents the physical aspects of our being but relates also to our emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. For example, the Heart Meridian is not only responsible for our heartbeat and blood circulation, but it has also control over our tongue - the ability to express ourselves through language. It enables us to feel joy and live in harmony and inner peace. The heart is also the home of Shen - our consciousness. Shen, the clarity of our heart presents itself in our face. It shines and shows clarity and harmony. Shining eyes and a healthy coloring are an expression of Shen.

This is the explanation why Shiatsu has a deep effect on our body, our emotions and our being in general.